Success Story

A year ago I began regularly treating a woman for neck and shoulder issues and her husband who suffered pain from a disc herniation. She mentioned that they had been trying to get pregnant for a long time.

About three months later she announced that she had become pregnant, which was extremely exciting! However, throughout the pregnancy she was often worried that she didn’t “feel pregnant” due to a previous miscarriage. She also didn’t start showing until quite late and wasn’t having any of the issues she was told to expect. She was worried because she felt good!

The treatments I gave her during this time were focused on keeping her pelvis aligned, her upper and lower back relaxed and pain-free, and her lymphatic system functioning optimally. As a result, she was walking and sitting fairly comfortably, had minimal lower leg swelling, and always left feeling very relaxed.

Her husband’s pain also gradually decreased, and eventually he was able to work and walk for longer periods and play golf again.

Three months ago I was very excited to receive a text message announcing the birth of their baby girl, after which I didn’t hear from them, but today the whole family came to visit so the mother could get a treatment.

The husband took the baby for a walk, and when they returned, the baby was crying and screaming. They said that a week ago her bowel movements had become irregular (and a bit extreme) and her mood grumpy.

As they lay her on the floor she was obviously uncomfortable. She wiggled all over the place and her abdomen was pulling in and to one side. I asked if I could release her psoas muscle (an important postural muscle behind the abdominal organs) and they agreed. As I released the psoas (using Emmett Technique) her whole body instantly relaxed out, and she became still, quiet, and smiley.

It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful to have been able to help this family. This is one of my favourite success stories!

xx Irit

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