“Irit has a touch that is powerful, gentle and healing. I feel instant positive shifts in my body after each session with Irit. Irit explains what they are doing at each stage and makes you feel at home. I recommend Irit, every time.”

Vee, Brunswick

“After my first visit with Irit I feel incredible. She identified my problem areas around my pelvis and spine with ease and was able provide immediate relief. She also gave me some tips/movements to help ongoing. Irit creates such a soothing and comfortable atmosphere that makes it so easy to trust and relax. Thank you!”

Andrea, Brunswick East

“Irit’s touch is as healing as her presence! I received a treatment last week and was astounded at how much more grounded and aligned I felt. When I did yoga the next day, I couldn’t believe how sturdy I felt. Will def go for another session soon!”

Rose, Brunswick

“Working with Irit has been a game changer. I’m breathing deeper and easier and playing my instrument without pain after only a few sessions. Well worth it!”

Scott, Wyndham Vale

“Irit is an exceptional practitioner whose work I have both witnessed and experienced first hand. I recommend her subtle, holistic and highly effective approach to those with a range of ailments, in particular those whose mental or physical state is fragile or hasn’t responded to conventional western medicine.”

Fiona, Malvern

“Irit has a powerful but gentle influence with her hands on treatments. I can feel flow on effects through my whole body as she brings me back to balance and inner harmony. Emotionally and mentally I feel light and calm.”

Alysha, Black Rock

“You’re the people fixer, Irit!”

Maude, Alphington